Your Pickup Is Only Helpful if It Runs

Your Pickup Is Only Helpful if It Runs

Let us handle your diesel truck repair in Abilene, TX

A truck that doesn't run might as well be a lawn ornament. When you need truck repair service, don't wait to contact Madhatter Motorsports. We'll get right to your truck repair in Abilene, TX. Our team can fix any part of your engine, emissions system or transmission. Don't avoid bringing your truck to the shop because you think it's still running fine. Contact our team today so you can avoid a costly truck transmission repair.

Count on us to fix your truck

Our team of talented mechanics can take care of any three-quarter to one-ton truck repair job. We can take care of any large diesel pickup truck. Trust us to handle your:

Suspension repair
Truck transmission repair
Emission-related repair
Motor repair

When your truck starts making noises you haven't heard or has issues accelerating, stop by our shop right away.